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PMC's Support

A Building Owner's Committee plays an important role in making residents’ life safe and convenient as well as ensuring their utilization of facilities in the building. Despite Vietnamese government’s issuing regulations on the establishment of the Owner's Committee, the operation of this model has not yet been efficient.

With its experience in successful management of numerous major projects of condominiums in Vietnam, PMC always makes every effort to support the developer and residents in the establishment and operation of the Management in order that all residents get involved in all activities and resolve all matters occurring in the building. The role of the Management is hence efficient, which helps leave a good impression on residents and gain their trust.

PMC’s support includes:

Preparing for the meeting of the building

  • Cooperating with the Developer to prepare for the meeting and sending written requests to authorities of district level.
  • Coordinating with the Developer to prepare files and documents for the meeting, such as: Developer’ application for holding a meeting of the building; developer’ written requests for holding a meeting to appoint a Owner's Committee; draft regulations of the building;  list of expected members of the Owner's Committee; reports on the management and maintenance as well as financial statements by the property management and maintenance companies; reports on recommendations for the appointment of property management and maintenance companies; detailed planning file and approved investment projects; completion drawing of external infrastructure and common parts of the building (if not, the developer has to restore or draw it again); legal documents concerning the building;  certificate of suitability for the quality of the building; certificate of qualification for fire safety; estimated time to hold the meeting of the building and other concerned issues (if any).
  • Consulting the appointment of Chairman of the meeting and preparing information about owners in the building.
  • Assisting the checking of all information and approval of the list of participating owners.

Noticing the meeting of the building

  • Assisting the notice of specific time and venue as well as the meeting schedule in which the establishment of the Owner's Committee is clearly stated.
  • Assisting the announcement of the meeting to owners and concerned participants.
  • Displaying a meeting notice and related information before the meeting takes place.
  • Providing instrument of proxy for the meeting.
  • Identifying valid instruments of proxy, which is in the regulated form of the building and includes seals or signatures of involved parties.
  • Informing owners in case of invalid instrument of proxy.
  • Instruments of proxy must be lodged to the Organizing Board before the meeting takes place (deadline for receiving instruments of proxy is regulated by the Organizing Board in the building).

During the meeting

  • Ensuring the number of attendees in accordance with the Regulation on management and use of condominium.
  • The Organizing Board records names and flats of proxies attending the meeting.
  • Raising issues which need votes in the meeting, such as appointment of the Owner's Committee, appointment of property management company, financial matters, etc.
  • Conducting voting, counting votes and making a record.
  • Decisions are based on a majority of votes of owners with the following being disregarded: owners absent at the meeting; owners present at the meeting but do not vote; blank or invalid votes; abstentions.

After the meeting

  • The Organizing Board transfers all records, documents and minutes of the meeting to the Owner's Committee; archives all copies of resolutions on appointing members (including their personal information) or certificates of appointment of members of the Owners’ Corporation.
  • Registering the Owner's Committee to authorities of District level and enclosing a registration dossier including: a written request for recognition of members of the Owner's Committee (including their personal information); Minutes of the meeting to appoint the Owner's Committee of the condominium; record of vote count of the Management Board; Minutes of the meeting of members of the Owner's Committee; Building Regulations passed at the meeting with the consent of over 50% residents of the building.
  • The date of establishment of the Owner's Committee is the date when its registration is licensed by authorities of District level.