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Marketing und Vermietung

PMC understand that effective leasing and marketing of office buildings is essential to efficient, profitable operations. Our leasing and marketing efforts are geared toward achieving these goals by:

  • Attract public's attention to the project and developer.
  • Develop the customer-friendly images of the project and developer.
  • Promote the image of project and developer to approach to customers.
  • Popularize the vacant position on mass media vehicles.

With a methodical effective strategy, we will help you:

  • Generate a predictable market-rate revenue stream
  • Maintain high occupancy rates even in down economies
  • Attract desirable, long-term tenants

In addition, our professional property brokers will perform the following activities:

  • Find reputable long-run customers for office building.
  • Protect developer's interest in negotiating terms
  • Supervise leasing process in accordance with terms of contract.