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Duties and Responsibilities of a Caretaker

In order to ensure the safety and security for the buildings, the general duties and responsibilities of security staff and  caretakers are as follows:

- Prevent unauthorized entry into the building. If you find a suspicious person in the building, interrogate him/her and immediately report to police if you suspect him/her of an offence. Other trespassers are to be escorted off the premises;

 - Register the particulars of all visitors, repair or delivery workers going in and out of the building;

 - Record every incident that occurs in the building, e.g. lift breakdown, power failure, water seepage, alarm ringing, and notify those responsible for appropriate follow-up action;

- Record the particulars of those who borrow the keys to the lift machine room, air-conditioning engine room and meter room, and note down the time of borrowing;

- Any defect in any part of the building found during patrols should be recorded in daily patrol report with exact locations clearly marked. Defects that require immediate repair should be reported to those responsible immediately;

 - Common corridors and fire escapes should always be kept clear to ensure that they are not blocked any time;

 - If an emergency occurs, provide immediate assistance as appropriate and report to the emergency services; and

- Attend to all complaints lodged by the owners and occupants.

Security of Building

Duties and Responsibilities of a Caretaker