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To ensure the safety and convenience of residents in the building, the repair and maintenance must be considered as essential tasks. When conducting task of repair and maintenance, the board of management or property management company should take attention to the following points:

  • External parts of a building will be weathered quickly when exposed to the natural environment. Without proper maintenance, they will deteriorate easily. Common break-downs are wall craking, craking or bulging of cement plaster, spalling of concrete or exposure of steel reinforcement, rusting and damage of water pipes, or water seeping through external walls.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance may enable timely identification of deteriorated building elements. Public areas of building are regularly maintained by the Board of management or Property Management Company. Besides, in each unit, residents should check facilities frequently and call technicians for their helps.
  • Overlooked dilapidation and inadequate maintenance in the building may lead to loose mosaic tiles and plaster of external walls, spalled concrete and threaten public safety.