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Security of Building

To improve the security of buildings, the property management company should  take following measures:

  • Strengthening crime prevention measures in the building, e.g. improving the lighting of staircases and corridors, installing alarms, closed-circuit televisions and intercom systems;
  • The number of potential entry points into the building should be minimized and access-controlled by means of a gate/intercom system;
  • In cases where the entrance gate of the buildings is operated by electricity, the gate should be made such that it can be opened manually within the building in the event of power failure;
  • Emergency exits should be alarmed to prevent unauthorized entry/exit;
  • Access to the roof should be restricted, except in an emergency;
  • The caretaker's office should be located at the main entrance to allow the caretaker to keep watch on all those going in and out of the building;
  • Refuse chambers/store rooms should be properly locked to prevent burglars from hiding inside;
  • Keys to machinery rooms, etc., should be kept in the management office under lock and released only to authorized persons;
  • If conditions permit, a fence should be erected along the periphery of the building and proper lighting installed at dim places;
  • External windows and doors on lower and ground floors should be secured against unauthorized entry;
  • Railings, spikes or barbed wire should be used to prevent scaling from adjacent buildings; and
  • Cultivating an awareness among residents regarding the importance of crime prevention and security, e.g. form the habit of closing the entrance gate when going in or out of the building;
  • Instituting civil proceedings against any premises for undertaking immoral activities to prevent undesirable elements from entering the building;

Apart from upgrading anti-burglary and security equipments for the building, the quality of caretakers is also a crucial element to the improvement of building security in general. It is stipulates that all security personnel and caretakers should be required to hold valid certificate issued by professional contractors. Therefore, the property management company shall only employ those holding valid permits for security duties.

Should there be any enquiries on anti-burglary or security measures for the condominium, please contact PMC at 0904 615 855, or your Regional Police Officer. Further information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Public Security.