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Marketing und Vermietung

By having a reasonable communication strategy, a shopping center with many utilities can attract tenants as well as retail investor to the project. We strive together with the developer to:

  • Develop the brand of der and Shopping center.
  • Increase the impact of the project on surrounding areas.
  • Support the retailer's business.

By our capability and experiences, PMC will help:

  • Consult and create perfect tenant mix
  • Forecast market trends
  • Improve revenues
  • Maintain high occupancy rates even in turbulent economies
  • Attract high-profile, highly-desirable tenants and anchor stores.

To achieve these goals, our professional property management staff will perform the following activities:

  • Partner with reputable, well-established commercial real estate brokers
  • Develop leasing partners
  • Negotiate lease terms with an owner's interests in mind
  • Supervise leasing process in accordance with terms of contract

The marketing strategy include following activities:

  • Identify primary and secondary trade zones to create reasonable support programs.
  • Create segmented customer profiles that drive effective promotions and marketing programs.
  • Enhance marketing and brand development plans.
  • Create a promotional budget and events calendar
  • Build a website and produce cost-effective marketing collateral
  • Measure advertising and promotional effectiveness
  • Maintain good relationship with marketing and media partners.
  • Develop community support programs.