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Building Image Enhancement

The house is one of the biggest assets for majority of Vietnamese people. Many people do not want to buy an apartment because it may rapidly lead to property degradation, results in decreased housing value over the years. Therefore, the property management company not only maintains physical conditions of the building but also creates and enhances its positive image in the public mind.

With a deep understanding of that responsibility, PMC has developed different strategies to promote, and maintain the image and identity of each project.

  • We always focus on building a website for residents each condominium managed by PMC. This is the official portal to introduce and promote the image of the apartment community. Moreover, it is also a forum for all residents to participate in discussing and sharing experiences to create a modern, civilized community.
  • Aiming to have a close relationship among residents and create a civilized living space, PMC will regularly organize events for residents on festivals or holidays. The own identity and style of the condominium will be lively shown through these events.
  • With each project, the developers’ purpose is to send their own ideas and messages to the society. PMC has been striving to create identities for each project and convey subtle and humanistic ideas of developers of a condominium to its residents as well as the whole society, thanks to which the image of the building has been highly appreciated by the public.
  • PMC assures to convey the building's genuine information to the public to maintain and increase property's value in community.