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PMC's Solutions

Condominium is an inevitable solution to housing problems in urban areas and a testament to the development of the modern society. In order to assist developers, Building Owner's Committees and residents to effectively manage their condominium, PMC makes every effort to:

-  Consult and assist the establishment and operation of the Board of Management by giving practical advice to provisional Developers/ Residents/ Owner's Committee during the establishment of the Owner's Committee.

 - Assist the organization of and participation in the meeting of the condominium to establish by giving practical advice for the appointment of members of the Owner's Committee.

Our solutions in the management and operation of the condominium include:

Full package of management services

PMC shares with Developers/ Owner's Committee their concerns about the management and operation of their condominium. By providing full package of management, PMC will:

- Assist the process of transfer of flats;

- Manage the operation of the condominium: supervising services of security, cleaning, pest control, contractors, service providers; customer care, resident support; operation and maintenance of technical systems as well as such facilities as gardens, landscape, swimming pool, gym, etc. in the condominium;

- Coordinate and enhance the tie between the Developer and residents as well as the Owner's Committee;

- Manage the building’s budget, procurement and insurance;

- Manage the image of the building to add its value as time progresses.

Setting management procedures and training on transfer

This solution is intended for the Developer/ Owner's Committee wishing to establish its own Building Management Office. PMC establishes a set of procedures basing on the building model and orientations by the developer. Personnel provided by PMC are highly qualified and experienced in their positions and will directly work in the project, establish a set of procedures and train the developer’s employees the transfer process.

- Duration: This depends on the requirement and scope of the project and may last from 12 to 24 months.

- Personnel: the Developer’s employees need complete training in 6-8 months after being taken over by PMC.

- Procedures: are pursuant to international standards and adjusted to Vietnam’s environment and characteristics of the building as well as the developer’s human resource.