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Employment Policies

Labor is the most important human activity creating society's material riches and spiritual values.

As building management involves substantial work, property manager has to employ caretakers, cleaners, plumbers, and technicians, etc. to assist in their daily work. These personnel are the determining factor in enhancement of security, safety, quality, and efficiency in the operation and building management.

The existing legislation has clearly defined the rights and obligations of both the employers and the employees.

The Labor Code protects the right to work; interests and other rights of workers and, at the same time, the lawful rights and interests of employers thereby creating conditions for a harmonious and stable labor relationship with the aim of achieving a high level of productivity and quality in labor, and services, efficiency in the use and administration of labor.

Therefore, through our role, PMC always strives to fulfill the related obligations, contributing to ensure a smooth, effective, and consistent management.

Under the Law, all employees, irrespective of their hours of work, are entitled to basic protection including payment of wages, restrictions on wages deductions and the granting of statutory holidays, etc. Employees who are employed under a long-term contract are further entitled to such benefits as rest days, paid annual leave, sickness allowance, severance payment and long service payment, etc.

For more details on provisions of the Labor Code for the Building Management, please contact us.