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Vietnam's economy is in the process of development and integration, besides the quality improvement of basic welfare needs such as food, clothing and transportation, housing plays a very important role in the accelerating of urbanization.

With this development, condominium has been becoming an inevitable trend for urban citizens. Therefore, an effective management is not only a key factor contributing to form a healthy and civilized environment for residents but also creates a peaceful mind for developers.

However, residents has currently been facing with many disputes related to ownership of common parts in order to define the rights and responsibilities of stakeholders in the condominium management; using of available facilities in the apartment; ensuring security, safety and hygiene for these public areas.


Based on our accumulated experience, knowledge in condominium management, PMC has studied and selected appropriate standards to apply in Vietnamese environment. Our purpose is to strengthen the coordination between residents and developers in addressing condominium management-related issues; to create a transparent and consistent in building management and to increase property value over time.


To achieve those purposes, our page on building management aims to -

  • Provide updated and comprehensive information on building management on the website;
  • Give guidelines on procedures and standards on daily operation and building management;
  • Assist and answer resident’s questions on related issues; and
  • Provide linkage to the web sites of various building management-related bodies.