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PMC focuses on the management and maintenance of physical assets in the  best condition:

  • Timely response to tenant service requests.
  • Support developer in  approval of fitting-out plans and monitor fitting-out contractors;
  • Routine, preventive maintenance performed by high qualified and experienced personnel;
  • Regular property inspections;
  • Bid solicitation and management of contracts for cleaning, sweeping, landscaping, security, pest control, and trash removal;
  • Developing standards, monitoring performance quality and training for service contractors;
  • Communication of all significant issues to property owners;

Administration – The following services address all aspects of administrative management:

  • Supporting and consulting administration procedures for tenants;
  • Managing and supporting trade promotion programs for tenants;
  • Providing monthly/quarterly/yearly accounts reports and managing collection efforts;
  • Coordinating insurance placement as requested;
  • Working with owners to approve workouts and handle lease-related disputes.