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Repair and Maintenance

Repair – Maintenance is essential part in condominium managements.

  • An apartment building maintained in good condition will not only give people a sense of comfort and safety but also have a higher incremental value.
  • Building maintenance and repair cover various parts of the building, including external walls, internal walls, rooftop and floors.
  • Building services facilities such as piping, water pumps, fire safety equipment, lifts and metal railings should be inspected regularly. Immediate repairs should be carried out if such facilities are damaged.

Replacement of part of a building's materials or facilities is needed, if they have become irreparable or it is not cost-effective to have them repaired.

Building Documents


Unauthorized building works

Building safety inspection program

Electrical Equipment

Fire safety



Gas System

Water supply system and Drainage system

Ceiling Leakage

Window Maintenance