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A safe, comfortable working environment highly depends on repair and preventive maintenance tasks in the building. Therefore, it is necessary to make maintenance schedules to avoid the possible risks while extending equipment life.

PMC's maintenance and tenant improvement services offer clients the following benefits:

- A qualified and experienced technicians handle all aspects of property operation and maintenance.

- Maintenance schedules are strictly followed and applied for following technical systems:

  • Elevator system
  • HVAC system
  • Electrical, backup and lighting systems
  • Water supply and drainage system
  • Telephone and network
  • Fire system
  • Public equipments and parking areas.

- Service requirements are responded in shortest time through a professional procedure of receiving and handing all technical problems.

- The security system is ensured for effective operation by performing daily inspection of equipments such as cameras, CCTV, etc.

- Technical systems are assured by closely monitoring fitting-out contractors.

With the coordination of maintenance, cleaning, security services in the inspection and risk management, PMC’s services will be maintained at the highest level of safety, peace of mind for tenants as well as developers.