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Environment Hygiene

Environment hygiene is one of the most important issues in the building management. In order to have a healthy living environment in the condominium, we would like to give following standards:

- Every household should have a covered rubbish bin of appropriate size, which should be cleared by cleaning staff at a fixed time every day. The rubbish bins must not be placed in common corridors and passage ways as this will cause obstruction and attract rats and other pests.

- Common refuse chutes and refuse collection chambers in the building should be regularly cleaned up and maintained. Refuse which has accumulated in the surface channels of corridors, rooftops, podiums and courtyards should be immediately cleared to avoid blockage. Blockage should be cleared at once.

- Open areas of the building, such as rooftops, light wells, gardens and podiums should be frequently checked to prevent accumulation of stagnant water and the breeding of mosquitoes.

- Furniture and other bulky items should not be left to cause obstruction to fire escapes. Wherever necessary, the management office may devise a clearance schedule for occupants to dispose of them on a regular basis.

- Objects with pointed or sharp edges or of a hazardous nature (such as inflammable or corrosive materials) should be separately packed and disposed of. Refuse like newspapers, plastics, metal cans and glass bottles should as far as possible be separated from other kinds of rubbish for recycling.